Falling has meaning beyond a physical act.

Falls, both physical and metaphorical, provoke excitement or anxiety. A fall may lead us to injury, to flight, or to anti-climax; it heightens our vulnerability and propels us to a space where we struggle for safety.

When we fall, we lose control.

Falling makes us vulnerable

But vulnerability may not be a weakness; it may also bring strength.

Vulnerability leads to greater understanding and insight, and thus those falling live in a state of paradox, a conflicted tumble into a void of chaos, where the fragmentary, non-linear memories of the subconscious are pulled to the surface and expressed, where emotions are heightened, and the world is reinterpreted.

We spend our lives falling through the present, and we are vulnerable, more than we realise, because of the connections we have with our past, and our search for a place in the present.

We may fall, yet sometimes we are blessed to fly.


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